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« That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. » - Friedrich Nietzche

There are these blows of fate that break us in two and bruise us to the point of losing all hope. However, these tragic events are often beneficial, as can be a fire ravaging a mature forest. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we come out of them taller and stronger than before.

CLASH depicts the pivotal and transforming moment that strikes independently five young adults between the age of 18 and 22. For three of them, the series begins after their stay in the hospital as they begin a long process of rehabilitation at the same center. Robin, Christophe and David have to rebuild themselves physically as well as psychologically. For Robin and Christophe, a car accident destroyed their friendship. These two, now enemies, are also opposed in a love triangle with Jasmine. The latter was a passenger during the collision, she is the only one who escaped unscathed, at least physically. As for David, a random violent attack when he was leaving a bar leaves him paraplegic and aphasic. This energic fellow has a positive attitude during his rehabilitation until he discovers the truth behind his physical assault. His confidence is shaken, but his friendship with Robin, Christophe and Jasmine will help him to move forward. Having met them at the rehabilitation center, David eventually becomes their roommate. In the same building, he also encounters Arielle, a young daring model and, above all, the survivor of a fire that burned more than 80% of her body.

Throughout the seasons of CLASH, we follow these five young adults on the winding road of healing while the web of their friendship is weaved before our eyes. A friendship out of the ordinary built on complicity and laughter, but also conflict.

CLASH is a story of self-transcendence and self-help. The bond that unites our protagonists flourishes despite the confrontations, and they are numerous. The storyline unfolds on a background of suspense and multiple turnarounds. The apparent circumstances of each of our character’s accidents, will reveal that their tragedy is in fact only the tip of the iceberg. Over the course of the series, the viewer uncovers parts of a surprising and well-hidden narrative.

Beyond this quest, the story of each of our combatants is enriched by an intimate dramatic arc. They deal with their own ghosts: family trouble, heartbreak or embarrassing secret. The stories they would prefer to keep in the shadows are revealed and our characters face difficult choices.

Additionally, these relationships are enriched by those that arise from the interpersonal dynamics between our protagonists and their therapists, their family and friends or with recurring characters like the police investigator. All these intrigues are built as a dramatic plot, but the tone of the episodes is often alleviated with humor thanks to the quirky and sarcastic side of our characters.

CLASH is a young group of friends, tightly knitted, for better or for worse. They inspire us, make us laugh and touch us with their humanity, their faults, their courage and their unique friendship.



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