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The Cheval–Serpent is a mythical and exclusive bar. Right In the heart of the entertainment district of Montreal, women flock to it for a memorable night. The male dancer bar is designed to entertain them differently, where they are surrounded by chiselled bodies and experience unforgettable performances.

Cheval-Serpent relies on more than three decades of success thanks to the owners Dorice Mcquaid and David Gauthier. The two friends ensured this place became an institution in the city.

To achieve this reputation, they have to control all the elements that can interfere with the stage performances of their dancers: the appeal of easy money, the neglect of their healthy bodies, the attraction to the women patrons as well as their personal problems. Pete, Mustang, Billy, Angel and Julien, the dancers at Cheval-Serpent are not only good-looking. They need to be in perfect shape and exude sexiness, seduction, but mostly charisma.

David and Dorice are also part of a very particular family.  They are business associates as well as the parents of Simone, a new graduate who has a sudden interest in the administration of the bar. They share a daughter, but they are not love partners.  Dorice is in a relationship with Dominique, a famous and respected feminist activist. Together they form an uncommon unit with peculiar challenges, but love is what will bond them through it all. 

David is the half-brother of the Mayor of the city, Laurent St-Pierre.  Their mothers, just like themselves, are complete opposites.  They have conflicting opinions about the existence of the bar.  Laurent will go through all his means to shut it down.  The rivalry will escalate when their father passes away.  

Exotic bar, male dancers, atypical family feud, money and power are all the elements to create a unique and provocative drama.  The series will premiere this summer on TOUT.TV Extra. 


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